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Flowers For Your Cheating Wife

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You are pulling the car into your driveway. You look down at the passenger's seat where a bouquet of flowers sits that you can't wait to surprise your wife Rachael Cavalli with, you even left work early to surprise her because she's always so sweet to you. You often feel like you don't deserve such a wonderful wife!

You go upstairs to the master bedroom looking for her. It's empty, but from another room, you can hear the sound of your wife's voice as she talks and giggles. You're shocked to hear the sound of a man's voice too. You hear them coming around the corner to the bedroom, and wanting to find out what's going on, you quickly hide in the closet. You watch as your wife, wearing sexy lingerie, enters the master bedroom. To your horror, she's leading a naked and muscular man, Nathan Bronson, into the bedroom. As you peer from the closet, Nathan lies down on the bed and your wife hops up onto him, sliding his hard cock inside her. Before long, the handsome and virile bull is going at it intensely, your wife riding his cock as she cries out how fucking amazing he is and how she hasn't felt anything like this in years.

You watch, entranced by the appalling sight of your wife being pleasured by another man. As disturbing as getting cuckolded is, you can't help but get hard watching it. But you have your limits, and soon you can't take any more. You crawl away from the closet and into the hall, desperate to escape this cruel spectacle.

As you crawl, you hear your wife shriek and look back up immediately to see her looking in your direction. 'Oh my God!' she says in a panic as she and the bull both start swearing and trying to hide their bodies with the pillows and bed sheets, 'what are you doing here?! I thought you were at work!' She seems surprised and sorry.

As she continues to apologize, she looks down at your groin. 'Wait a minute, were you getting hard watching us?' she asks in disgust.'That's disgusting! Don't you have anything to say for yourself?'

You don't answer, and she starts to mock you. She says how pathetic that is, how you find her in bed with another man and instead of kicking his ass you hide in the corner and watch them like some kind of sick pervert. 'Well, if you like to watch so much, you're going to sit here and watch me fuck him!,' your wife says angrily, pulling you onto the bed roughly. You try to look away but she sharply calls your attention back to her, and you watch as she starts stroking the bull's dick, continuing to mock you verbally as she does. As he spits on your wife's pussy and prepares to slip his cock inside of her, you feel helpless and defeated. Absolutely nothing, not even the flowers that you bought for your cheating wife, can stop what's about to happen.

Seems like you were right, you don't deserve your wife after all!

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