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Your First Cuckolding

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'I know you keep saying I look great, but I'm pretty nervous about this whole thing,' says your wife Katie Morgan while she's applying some final touch ups to her make-up in front of the bathroom mirror. You pet her hair lovingly. 'You've been having this cuckold fantasy for so long... I just want to please you', she says.

She finishes her make-up and asks you in a flirty voice if you like what you see. She struts around the room for you, shaking her ass and tits and posing playfully. She teases you, asking you if you're looking forward to seeing her get fucked by someone else. You nod eagerly.

The bell rings and she looks at you wide-eyed - excited but apprehensive. She brushes past you and hurries towards the main entrance.

As she opens the door, you are presented with Jax Slayher, a good looking, younger black man in a crisp white shirt and dark denim pants. 'Hi, nice to meet you' he says, handing you a bottle he brought for the occasion. She goes to shake his hand too but instead he suavely moves in on her and wraps his arm around her waist, pulling her towards him. She giggles and gasps as he kisses your wife enthusiastically on the cheek and greets her warmly. After he releases her, she adjusts her clothes and hair looking embarrassed.

The three of you enter the living room. Sitting on the couch, Jax takes the seat next to your wife and immediately begins to rub her leg as you chat. Jax looks at you and smiles, asking if you have anything to sip on. Your wife seems to show some relief at this suggestion, and asks you to fix something in the kitchen for the three of you.

Coming back into the living room from the kitchen with glasses and appetizers, you lower the tray suddenly as you stumble upon your wife and Jax sitting facing each other on the couch now, and petting each other intimately. They both look right at you, and she smiles as the bull kisses her neck and begins to fondle her over her clothes.

Jax casually mentions that one of the reasons so many married women fall for him is because of his big dick. Your wife shyly asks if she can see it, and he says of course. She helps him unzip his pants and pull out his huge monster cock, and she can't help but gasp when she sees it. The bull asks if it's bigger than yours and she says yes, way bigger. He turns to you and addresses you for the first time in a while, asking if you heard that and rubbing it in that your wife thinks his dick's more impressive. He gently pulls your wife's head forward to meet his dick and she starts giving him a blowjob. The bull instructs you to come get a good look of your wife sucking another man's dick, and you silently obey. Your first cuckolding is finally happening, but you can't help but feel a little uncertain. Now that she's finally wrapping her lips around a real man's dick, something that she's been missing from you for all these years, can your wife EVER get enough of the bull?

This was your first cuckolding, but you can tell from your wife's enjoyment that it won't be your last.

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