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Your Wife's Revenge

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Just outside a motel room on the balcony, your mistress thanks you for the lovely weekend and plants a kiss on your cheek. She tells you that maybe you can tell your wife you have another 'business trip' coming up in the near future. You nod sure and she squeals with delight before hugging and kissing you again. She tells you to text her tonight with a wink.

As you climb into your car, you send a text to your wife; 'Be home soon, the convention went great'.

You pull into your driveway but even before you get out of the car, you notice another car parked in the driveway and your attention turns to the front door which is wide open. You get out of the car in a bit of a hurry, and you head inside at a bit of a rushed and panicked pace.

You round the corner to the kitchen and slow to a stop as you see your wife Sarah Vandella and your boss Seth Gamble sitting across from each other at the table. They turn to look at you as you arrive, looking stern. You take a step back, as your wife uncrosses her legs and picks her cell phone up from the coffee table and waves it in front of you menacingly.

'The convention went great?!' she shouts. You reach out your hands in a gesture to explain yourself but before you can get a word out she tells you to shut up, she doesn't want to hear a goddamn word from you. A fucking work convention?! Did you REALLY think that she was going to buy that?! As if she wasn't going to call your boss to find out why her USELESS husband was needed for a convention all of a sudden.

Your wife explains that she knows you've been cheating. You start to hang your head in shame but your wife tells you oh no, you're not slinking away from this conversation like you always do. She pushes your roughly onto the couch. Your wife is furious, raging that you are as shitty and as worthless as the shitty diamond engagement ring you got her. She throws the ring at you, telling you it's over. She's leaving your sorry ass.

As your wife puts her head in her hands in frustration, you reach out to talk to her, but your boss has gotten up and sidles over to you, pulling you to the side to talk to you privately. He leans in close and puts a hand on your shoulder condescendingly. Look, he tells you, we all fuck around once in a while, he says, but you've gotta be smart enough to pull it off.

He stands back straight and at a more normal volume says that of course, he can't keep you on as an employee after this. Then again, HR doesn't know anything yet. And he doesn't have to tell them, he supposes. But you'd owe him a pretty big favor. One he'd want to cash in right away.

He and your wife were talking and they think it's only fair that if you cheated on her, she should get to cheat on you. So your boss says the deal is simple, he'll fuck your wife and you'll get to keep your job. Win-win! Oh, but there's one condition, you have to watch the whole thing happen.

Your boss, now your bull, laughs and gropes your wife's breasts while taunting you, saying you won't ever score another woman with tits like these. Your wife doesn't seem to mind, in fact she seems to like the attention. Your wife remarks that your boss certainly seems to know what women like, not like you who just fumbles around with her bra strap and then goes straight to sticking your dick in.

Soon, your wife tells you it's time for you to get your first look at the cock that is going to be fucking her from now on. Your wife pulls the bull's hard dick out of his pants fly and gloats over it. This is the dick of a real man, she says mockingly, not like your tiny limp dick that she could barely feel when you stuck it in her. She can't wait to find out how a big dick like this feels inside her. As your wife puts your bull boss's cock into her mouth, flashing you a cruel grin as she begins cuckolding you, you think to yourself that you don't deserve this.

But you're wrong, because this is EXACTLY what you deserve, and your wife's revenge is just beginning...

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