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Cucked By Your Brother

  • Updated 12-18-2018 |

You open your eyes and are greeted by your sexy wife, Ashley Adams. You partied too hard last night at the house party, but promised to make your wife breakfast. You're still exhausted, so she gives you five more minutes.

When you haul yourself out of bed, you find your brother, Sam Strong, cooking breakfast with your wife. He compliments you on throwing an awesome party, even if you look like shit right now. Your brother and your wife then go over fond memories of the three of you hanging out in college, especially those times when you used to play truth or dare. You're well known for never turning down a dare! Just for laughs, Ashley suggests that you should all play, for old time's sake. Sam is on board, so you easily agree. What's the harm?

Your brother asks your wife to start, and she chooses a truth. He asks if you're good in bed, which she hesitates to answer... your brother ribs you for the pause, but your wife insists that she was just caught off guard. Still, she gives an answer that doesn't really do you any favors, and the game continues on. Then Sam asks for a truth from Ashley, and she asks if he's ever fantasized about her, after learning that Sam beds a lot of women. Your brother exclaims that of course he has! She's smoking hot!

Sam then asks your wife if she's ever fantasized about HIM. She's embarrassed, glancing to you shyly as she admits that she has... A few times, in fact.

Their attention shift back to you as Sam asks you if you've ever fantasized about someone else fucking your wife. You know there's no use lying -- your brother's seen your Internet browser history growing up and knows you're into some freaky stuff, like cuckolding. Your wife is surprised when you shyly nod your head. You can't help what you like!

Ashley is intrigued since you've never told her that before! However, that's soon the least of her concerns when your brother dares her to give him a handjob. She can't believe what he's saying, or that you're not protesting! She's unsure, but when you assure her that you're into it, she goes along with it.

She gives your brother a handjob, not looking thoroughly impressed with the circumstances. She looks you in the eye and asks if this is what you REALLY want? She then dares your bull brother to fuck her since if you guys are going to do these stupid sexual dares, she's going to go all in. You start to hesitate but she dares you to watch this bull fuck her until they both cum! You've never turned down a dare before, how can you say no now?!

She hauls you around to get a better view as she drops her shorts and panties. Your bull bro Sam happily leans down and licks her pussy, making your wife tremble with need. Have you ever made her quake like this? Any time you try to look or move away, your wife demands your attention again -- you're not getting away that easily. The only reason any of this is happening is because YOU agreed to it. This all started because of a harmless dare, so now you have to watch her take your brother's cock cuck you.

Maybe you should start picking Truth from now on, eh?

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